Wrekshops are events where people can come and enjoy taking apart electronic devices and build frankenstein machines using a combination of recycled technologies and open source electronics.



The idea is to offer a space for non-precious experimentation, an opportunity to look under the bonnet of the complex electronic, networked objects that populate our daily life and to make something with discarded items. The activities generate many conversations about our relation to technology, progress, sustainability, hacking, obsolescence.



The organisers (art centres, shops, festivals, markets…) help collecting one or two obsolete machines per participant such as PC towers, DVD players, hifi units, printers, electronic and non-electronic toys, laptops, etc… The venues are fitted with working tables, hand tools and electronic components. No pre-required technical or programming knowledge is required, and the age limit is negociable. Wrekshops last from a few hours to a few weeks.



The most dedicated wrekshoppers will build something from the scavenged parts while others might simply enjoy taking something apart, often for the first time in their life, without worrying about breaking it. Wrekshops often partially run from energy generated onsite, for example with home-made bicycle generators, or more conventional solar installations.



2020 Peak Cymru Crickhowell UK
2019 Deershed Festival
2018 May Azkuna Zentroa’s Prototipoak Meeting of New Artistic Forms 2018, Bilbao Spain
2018 July Deershed Festival


2017 December Moscow Garage Contemporary Art Museum, Russia


2017 July Electric Wildertree Wrekshop, Deershed Festival.
2017 Winter Lead Creative School Wrekshop for primary school class Bridgend UK. Blog post
2016 October Glitch Festival – Wrekathon, Llandudno UK
2016 September Llawn Festival, Llandudno UK
2016 Los der Kybernetik, Aschaffenburg, Germany
2016 The Imitation Game, Manchester Art Gallery, UK
2015 Access Space, Sheffield UK


2014 Man Machine Wrekshop, Gdynia, Poland


2014 Is Technology Eating my Brain?, Watermans Arts Centre, London, UK


dynamo wrekshop cardiff 2013
2013 Dynamo Wrekshop, Cardiff, UK
2013, 2014, 2015 Machine Tent Wrekshop, Deer Shed Festival, UK


2012-2013 Experimental Body Extension Manufacturing Unit (EBEMU) Campbelltown and Sydney,Australia


2011 Oriel Factory, Oriel Davies Newtown UK
2009 Afrikandermaarkt Big Band Action, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2006 Positive Activities, Québec Canada