Acorn bbc micro   1996-2001
Caractéristiques du BBC Micro model B

- 2 MHz 6502 processor
- 32 KB ROM (16 KB OS, 16 KB language)
- 32 KB RAM
- 7 screen modes, including an 8 colours + 8 blinking colours display
- 4 sound channels
- RGB output
- video output
- RF output
- serial port RS 423
- parallel printer port
- cassette port
- analogue to digital port (used for joysticks and experimentation)
- disc drive port
- 8 bits user port (the experimenter and lab equipment port)
- 1 mhz bus port
- tube port (to add processors)

 beep de BBC micro

The machine came with the BBC BASIC language. Possibly the best BASIC ever, it allows to mix assembler and operating system calls with BASIC commands.

Also the BBC has no fan, which is so reposing, and it boots instantly.

Speaking about fan, I am no big fan of the Master models, that succeeded to the Model B. Although more roomy in memory they are not as perfect as the Bs: all the chips are soldered on the motherboard (in sockets on the model Bs), they need a battery to keep their PRAM (no PRAM on Bs) and the keyboard gets very dodgy with age (less so on model Bs).