Combover Jo – Am I Robot?

Am I Robot? gives visitors the opportunity to interact with a mobile robot called Combover Jo. The robot moves freely among the visitors and talks with a robot child voice. It says silly things like “don’t laugh at my hair”, deep things like ” I was not born”, and surprising things like “Hey John, you were wearing the same trousers at your sister’s wedding” to a visitor called John. It might also decide to follow John for a bit, and reply to John’s questions if he has any.

Photo Tom Arran

Combover Jo is popular with most children over 6 years old (some younger ones find it a little intimidating) and with some grown-ups.

• • • How does it work?


Combover Jo – Am I Robot? was commissioned by Manchester Art Gallery for The Imitation Game exhibition, 2016. The installation was subsequently exhibited in Llawn Festival in Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno UK, States of Play in Humber Street Gallery, Hull UK 2017, Y las Cosas Que Hacemos in Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao Spain, 2018.