Fluffy Tamagotchi

Inspired from the virtual pet that was all the rage in 1998, I decided to make a tamagotchi that would not be so easy to fit in a child’s pocket, and quite noisy.

The Fluffy tamagotchi weighs 5 kilos, has the same feature set as a normal tamagotchi. It is controlled by a BBC Microcomputer and a Mac Quadra 660AV.



What was said about Tamagotchis at the time:

“The virtual pet, while simulating the training and rearing of a helpless space creature, is actually training its user. If you don’t feed the pet at regular intervals, it dies. The Tamagotchi and its many clones are training children to attend to technology at the expense of their human interactions.”

in Douglas Rushkoff,
Get Loud! The Knicks Noise-Meter and the Pitfalls of Interactive Style, 1999