Is Technology Eating my Brain?

Is Technology Eating My Brain? poster

Solo residency-exhibition at Watermans Arts Centre Brentford West London, March-June 2014. The project was based on my Wrekshop, where I install an e-waste upcycling unit in a gallery space, opening it to voluntary participants and build exhibits over the period. We made:

• a Big E-Waste Tech Head

• a Slicing Photobooth

• a Geranium Survival Unit

• A techEatBrain Litany Reader


The residency part of Is Technology Eating My Brain? at Watermans Arts Centre has concluded with a launch on 15th May. Visitors had a chance to mingle among the artworks, eat French style radish snacks (raw with a chunk of butter and some salt), play tunes on a pedal-powered sound system provided by Pedal PA.




The soundscape is completed by an audio mix of atmos sounds I recorded in Australia and Japan.

Participants Jason Scording and Bobby Neighbour contributed greatly to the Big E-Waste Tech Head, a bulky just-about-wearable headset featuring mobile photographic eyes made of hacked 2 megapixel vintage-ish cameras. The Slicing Photo-Booth was programmed on Raspberry Pi by Vagmakr. Eugenie Smit put together a delicate assembly of small devices triggering one another (see below).