Published articles


• 2022

Robotic Art as a Vector for Technocritique

Practice-based PhD by published works, comprises most of the published peer-reviewed articles listed below plus an analysis of the work. Completed in July 2022.


• 2018

Guido and Am I Robot, a Case Study of Two Artworks Operating in Public Spaces

In conference proceedings of International Conference on Live Interfaces (ICLI), Porto 2018.


• 2017

This Machine Could Bite: On the Role of Non-Benign Art Robots

in Fiberculture Journal 28, Special Issue on Creative Robotics.


• 2014

Coy-B, an Art Robot for Exploring the Ontology of Artificial Creatures

14th TAROS conference (Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems), publication in Springer Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence series, June 2014.


• 2013

Biting Machine, an Experiment in Human-Machine Interaction

In conference publishings of 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Sydney 2013.


• 2008

Performing with Machines and Machines that Perform

In International Journal for Performance Art and Digital Media, Intellect, 2008