We Are Ducked, an artwork comprising a small sculpture and a video, is a response to eco-anxiety, a feeling of distress caused by uncertainty about the future of the planet and its ecosystems that can cause depression and hopelessness. With its humorous appearance and tongue in cheek pun that scrolls when the viewer activates a hand dynamo, the small electronic and wood sculpture We Are Ducked celebrates the joy of making and joking in the face of environmental adversity.



The companion video also titled We Are Ducked is a more open-ended contemplation shot on a beach by an industrial estate in Barry Wales. The bleak landscape is a backdrop for words spoken by machines, an attempt to synthesize complex existential and ecological parameters for life in 2022 and beyond.



We Are Ducked was exhibited in the Matterrealities exhibition in Cardiff School of Art and Design, part of the EASTN-DC European research project in digital creativity.