Hand Made Machines 2008

Hand Made Machines

In December 2007 Paul Granjon completed a 3-year NESTA Fellowship with the publication of a book / DVD that presents a comprehensive selection of work developed since 1996.

The book includes many preparatory drawings and colour photographs providing a comprehensive insight in the development of machines such as The Cybernetic Parrot Sausage, Furman the kicking robot, The Robotic Tail and Ears and The Sexed Robots among others.

The publication is framed by two short essays by Anthony Howell and Paul Granjon. The accompanying DVD contains one hour of video including several short films, documentation footage of installations and performances as well as rare archive material.

44 pages, hard cover, 13 x 19cm, colour, English
Includes a DVD video, all regions, PAL.
ISBN number 978-0-9541810-5-5
published by Z Productions and G39, December 2007

Price: GBP 10.00 + 3.00 packaging and post

Sample page

DVD content

1- The Flying Synthetic Doughnut, 1996
2- The Cybernetic Parrot Sausage, 1997
3- The Antigravitational Vehicle for Cats, 1997
4- The Little Square Fish, 1998
5- The fluffy tamagotchi, 1998,
6- Z Lab 2001, exhibition, 2001
7- Chicken Feet, performance (extract), 2003
8- Kicked by Furman, performance (extract), 2003
9- Z Lab Transported, performance (extract), 2004
10- The Creatures of Mill River, 2004
11- Robotarium, exhibition with Sexed Robots, 2005
12- The Heart and the Chip, performance (extract), 2006
13- Born to be Alive, performance, 2007
15- Le Dégloubi Double-Gras, 1994
16- Euronutrifood (extract), 1990
17- Harissa, 1990
18- La Chanson du Cherry Pie song (extract), 1995

Total duration 58.45 mn