••• In the pipeline

My new robotic installation Am I Robot, commissioned for The Imitation Game exhibition in Manchester Art Gallery is running until June 4th 2016. Inspired by Alan Turing’s seminal paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence published 75 years ago, the show features works by 8 artists, open every day.


Am I Robot is based on a mobile robot called Combover Jo, that roams a large room on the first floor of the gallery, mingling with the public. It talks in a machinic voice, sometimes to itself, sometimes engaging with visitors. On the second floor the visitors can enter a small room that complements the robot… I will not tell you more in case if you are planning to visit the show.

comboverJoCatalogueSm c-joMumAndGirlSmall

••• Forthcoming

As part of the Imitation Game I will be performning with a few classic performance machines including Mofo and a Robotic Bird. Thursday 10th March, 7 PM, Manchester Art Gallery. More details here…


Around 25th June if all goes to plan the Sexed Robots will be operating their sterile yet eye-catching mating in Aschaffenburg, Germany, where I will also run a Wrekshop.

The following weekend the International Conference for Live Interfaces – ICLI -will take place in Brighton, UK. As the name indicates, this will be treat for people interested in music, new media and live interfacing. I am a member of the science committee for the conference and the submissions for live work I have seen so far promise a ground-breaking set of live performances. Do not fear the geeky edge, geek is cool.