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••• Citizen Science experiments continued…

After an exciting even if slightly frustrating week trying to build supercapacitors from dead laptop batteries with creative bio-engineer Michka Melo in Brussels, the return match is planned in Cardiff. We will work together from September 4th to 7th trying to get to grips with microbial fuel cells. Watch this space for updates!

••• Naughty robot parrots

If you are in Cardiff on 16th and 17th September, BEWARE!

To celebrate Roald Dahl who was born 100 years ago in Cardiff, the city will be turned for two days into the City of the Unexpected. Expect many strange and interesting events, including encounters with irreverent robot parrots designed in Z Lab and built in several schools across South Wales.

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••• Llawn Festival

My (almost) new robotic installation Am I Robot will be running in the Llawn Festival in Llandudno Wales (23/9 to 16/10 in Oriel Mostyn Gallery). Am I Robot features a friendly robot called Combover Jo, wandering around the floor and sometimes keen to talk to visitors.

Am I Robot was originally commissioned for The Imitation Game exhibition in Manchester Art Gallery Inspired by Alan Turing’s seminal paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence.


comboverJoCatalogueSm c-joMumAndGirlSmall

During the weekend of Llawn Festival, I will be running a Wrekshop in a disused shop in Llandudno. Open to any willing soul who enters the premises, there will be a stock of old domestic electronics to take apart, and recombine towards an improvised Frankenstein-ish device using hand tools and open-source electronics.

techeatbrain stock table with Tech Head

techeatbrain stock table with Tech Head