The Future

An installation designed for facilitating conversations about the future, first shown in the Superfreight exhibition in Campfa Gallery Cardiff in 2020. Consists of 2 parts:
The Future Conversation Table on which a pile of images offer strating points for talking about different future-related perspectives and topics. The table and stools are made from used timber.



The Future Litany: a scroll on the wall where visitors can write statements about the future. The statements are manually added to a text file that is read in a robot child’s voice by a small computer at the back of The Future Flower, itself mounted on the Future Conversation Table. The Future Flower is battery powered and fitted with solar panels.


The idea of the Future Litany is an evolution of the TechEatBrain Litany, tested in 2014 in Watermans Arts Centre London.



The Future benefits from funding from the EASTN-DC European Research project at Cardiff School of Art and Design